Ethiopian Airlines Aviation University (ETAU), the secret behind the success of Ethiopian Airlines, is the oldest and the biggest institution, which pioneered aviation education and training in the region, has been contributing to the region’s development and economic growth through human capital development and services. Ethiopian Aviation University leverages the extensive resources of one of the largest airlines, airports, maintenance repair and overhaul (MRO), catering services (with more than 100,000 meals a day), cargo and logistics services, and 5-star hotels to deliver a robust, thoughtfully designed curriculum that is tailored to contemporary aviation industry needs.

 This has long been the role of ETAU and now with its frontline commitment, it has taken the responsibility to further promote and play an important role in aviation and aerospace human capital development. ETAU as a forerunner in aviation and aerospace education in Ethiopia has taken different initiatives to enhance excellence in these fields. ETAU designed programs both undergraduate and postgraduate to push the boundaries of expertise in the industry.

 What makes the ETAU program different?

The Triple teaching-Mentoring Model

Apart being the only university with its own commercial airlines, international airports, MRO, catering services and 5-star hotels, its programs use one-of-a-kind curriculums and a triple teaching-mentoring approach. For each course of every program, two faculty and multiple industry practitioners are assigned.

 The triple teaching-mentoring model:

1) The primary professor edifies the concept of the course in the lecture room

2) For each lecture, the second faculty brings students to the course’s laboratory/workshop and work on the subject matter’s exercises.

3) With our associate practitioners in the aviation industry and our students, each program develops a mentor and mentee mentoring relationships program. The goal is to facilitate the professional development of our students.

The best and brightest students and faculty are drawn to Ethiopian Aviation University because we push the boundaries of aviation education.