Admission Guide

Step 1 – Choose your program

Now, you are interested to join Ethiopian Aviation Academy. But which program is the best for you? That depends on where you are currently in your academic or professional career.

If you are just starting out, you may want to consider our Foundation and Diploma program. This will give you a solid ground in your chosen specialization and prepare you for the next level of academic study.

Our programs will help you to prepare yourself for a career in aviation by delivering internationally recognized qualifications. If you are ready for advanced study, our postgraduate program follows a highly specialized curriculum that is accredited by concerned authorities.

If you are currently working in the aviation industry and would like to enhance your career prospects, our Professional Training courses that are delivered by highly qualified instructors will provide you a proven pathway to success.

Step 2- Entry Requirements

Specific entry requirements are set for each program. Each of the individual course pages list the specific entry requirements for that program of study.

In general, our minimum qualification requirement depends on the minimum university entrance requirement set by the government for local applicants, and High school completion for international candidates.

Step 3 – Gathering appropriate documents

3.1. For Foundation and Diploma programs

Grade 12,10 and 8 certificates and renewed identification card for local applicants, and high school completion for international applicants. 

3.2. For Undergraduate programs

  • Grade 12 certificates for local applicants, and high school competition certificate for international applicants.

    3.3. For Postgraduate programs

  • A relevant undergraduate degree from a recognized University for both local and International candidates.  

Step 4 – Application

Once you have chosen a program, make sure that you meet the entry requirements and prepare your supporting documents, you can then  Apply Online

Step 5 – Notification of Acceptance

The Admissions Office will send you a confirmation of acceptance if your online application meets the entrance requirements for the selected program.

The offer of acceptance is valid for 6 months from the date of notification for acceptance.  

Step 6 – Submission of documents for Verification

The Admissions Office will advise you what documents are required for submission at the time the notification of acceptance is sent. You then submit scanned copies of the documents as requested by your admission officer.

Step 7 – Payment of Registration fees

After an applicant is successfully registered for a program, to start the registration process, the candidate is expected to pay the registration fee.

Step 8 - Enrolment

An applicant is considered enrolled in a program when full tuition fees are paid.

Step 9 – Visa

For International applicants, Visas can only be processed after full registration/tuition/visa fees are paid. And he/she may be requested to submit additional documents at the time of visa processing.

For further information and advice on entry requirements, please contact EAA’s Admission Office on +25115174012/+25115174532